New Zealand Cherry Corp.


New Zealand Cherry Corp. is a family partnership that goes back 40 years. Our cherry orchard is New Zealand’s largest netted orchard and is located in Cromwell in the Central Otago region famously known for growing the best cherries in New Zealand.

Our special net system and other specialised controls give the orchard a controlled environment allowing the fruit the best chance to develop into large tasty cherries.

We have a world-class, vertically integrated operation that combines impeccable planning, modern growing methods and state-of-the-art technology. Our high-tech grading and packing plant ensures a minimum of fruit handling. Constant quality control from orchard to market means only the best cherries are selected for our customers around the world.

New Zealand Cherry Corp has the best possible international certification in hygiene and safety standards. Every cherry can be traced right to the source. Our sophisticated systems and processes, including growing, picking, and packing, ensure our premium cherries get to global export markets in the best condition.

Infinity is a joint venture partner in New Zealand Cherry Corp.

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